Thursday, June 9, 2016

#7-  Dash Cam 


The first item today is the unboxing and hook up of a Dash Cam.  So many people have said it is a must.   For Christmas,  Lee gave it to me.  I have just been waiting for a trip to use it.  It was so easy to install.  Open box, plug in and place on front window.  It turns on when I started the RV.  The unit we have is a COBRA CDR 840. 
Some ask, why do I need a Dash Cam? 
Use of a dash cam is to document your trip.  Three reasons to document the trip: 
Protection.  Accidents are often become a blame game with one driver's word against another's.  Dash cams offer proof of what happened.
Documentation of a trip.  When traveling great distance (or across town) there are just too many things to see and remember.  A dash cam provides for a thorough recounting of your journey.
Recording the unexpected.  Maybe you will become famous because you caught something that others want to see.
When you are looking for a Dash Cam make sure it does:
1.  Mounts to the front windshield to video what happens in front of the RV
2.  It should record automatically when driving.
3.  The Dash Cam powers on/off with vehicle.
4.  The Dash Cam should recycle media.  It should record over the oldest clip automatically.  Remember to save or "lock" a video you want to save or you will be sorry.
Some special items which are nice to have:
1.  Integrated GPS-embeds location and data into video
2.  Widest possible lens (ours does 118degrees)
3.  Record in HD
4.  Record audio too
Remember  that you will need to lock the video(keeps the material from being recorded over) or down load the video to your computer before the Dash Cam records over. The hardest thing was taking the video from the Dash Cam and downloading it  to view here.  Please click on link to see Dash Cam video

Dash Cam in front window

Less than a week now so Keep an eye out for  our RV.  The 3 SIRS  will be easy to see on the road.  You can follow us also on our website as well as this blog.  Don't forget to sign up on our website.

Until next time we meet on our journey:

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