Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#38  at Lazydays---Back to Tucson, AZ

You might remember the SIRS, Lee, and I were here just a few weeks ago after our trip to Illinois.  At that time, (slide would not open to make living space larger in RV)  it was determined that one of the motors was not working (blog #34).  The motor had to be ordered and it took about 10 days to get in.   We scheduled the 27th. of August as the install day. 

I left our home in CA on the day before and after nearly a 9 hour drive (traffic was not good going down the 5 to the 8).  The normal travel time is 7 hours.   I made it to Tucson and spent the night at the KOA next door to the Lazydays' Service Center.   I did make it to see my service manager before they closed and they gave me a $6.00 discount to the KOA.   So remember to always ask if there is any discounts.  With my KOA membership, I would have been given a $3.00 discount at the KOA park so I saved another $3.00 and had a great drive here.   I will be posting a video (not the entire 9 hours-just about 3 minutes)  on the whitehouseca.com webpage.  It will be of the Boarder Patrol Check Point leaving CA and entering AZ.  Not really a check at all---just a wavy.

I was told to be here at 8 am and so I arrived early as always.  They opened the gate at 7:55 am. and soon after the RV went back to get serviced.

I made this trip myself.   Due to the heat (was 112 outside when I arrived) I felt the boys would rather say home with Lee.

I was told by my service manager a four hour job.  I had hoped to be on the  road by noon.I was.  Thank YOU.  I made it home by 8:30 PM even if I have to go back

Well,  I just heard that the motor is in and they now see that the gears are bad.   I know it is too much to ask that they might of check the gears when they checked why the slide did not work.  It should be covered by my insurance from Good Sams but of course no parts here. Heard today that my insurance approved it so now the parts can be ordered. It could take 3 weeks or more to get parts.   Yes -  It does mean another trip to Tucson in September, maybe it will be cooler then.

On a different note,  some of you may remember Al from Maui?   He owned Maui Bar Supply.    Lee and I just got off the phone with Al.  He is doing fine.  We had not spoken since the fall.  So lots of story both ways.  Al when you read this,  feel free to put in a comment at the bottom of the page.  Anyone else feel free to comment too.

We should be back writing each week soon.  Have been working on the Family Tree.  Some interesting facts which will be shared with you in the coming weeks.

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                                                       Until next time we meet on our journey:.