Thursday, June 23, 2016

#26    Friday-evening Update from LOCKPORT, IL

People ask what do you do in Lockport?   There are many things such as -  an annual event is OLD CANAL DAYS FESTIVAL (occurs in June each year), It took place last weekend so we missed it.  Hearing the words--Canal Days,  bring back memories of the past festivals attended growing up here in town.  My sister and I enjoy remembering the great events and specials that took place here in town when we were kids.  Why does anyone leave-looking back on our younger days. 
Coming up is the Comicopolis, Z.A.P. Movie Premiere and the STEAMPUNK Weekend.   I did ask the mayor once if seniors can get a discount - the answer was NO.  But don't let that stop you from "Cruisin Into Lockport".  You will have to look that one up so you won't miss it.

Lee and I  went to a Memorial Service Thursday evening for a friend and the  husband of a teacher I worked with in the Frankfort Elementary Schools (during 1974-2000).  There we saw so many old friends and teachers who I hired during my years in Frankfort.  We were so sad to hear of his passing but felt so lucky to be in the area to attend.

When we lived in Frankfort and New Lenox (until we moved to Maui in 2000) Lee and I often went to an Italian restaurant called "Enrico's" in Frankfort.  So many memories were made eating their homemade Lasagna and their famous Minestrone soup.  The original owner died and it closed a few years ago.   But just five weeks ago, it open with the same food items and many of the same workers.  Lee and I went after the service on Thursday.  Met the new owner and even got a container of Minestrone soup to bring back to CA.  The food was just as good if not better than we remembered.  The place was full and we even met former students parents who remembered me as we were leaving

Homemade Famous Minestrone Soup and garlic bread. An Enrico's favorite for over 35 years.  It is made from scratch daily in their kitchen.  The bean based soup contains over fifteen fresh vegetables, herbs, and spices, and is made with pure olive oil.  They make over 20 gals. every day.  A must try if you get to Frankfort (approx. 24 miles from Lockport)

The Homemade Lasagna (the only main meal I ever eat at Enricos) is made of layers of pasta topped with their special four cheese filling (a favorite for over 30 years) served with a rich meat sauce and one meatball.

Lee's Enricos standard order item is the Baked Mostaccioli.  This too is an Enrico's Tradition and a must for you if you love cheese.  Their mostaccioli is tossed with parmesan cheese and topped with their rich meat sauce.  Then it's smothered with Mozzarella cheese and baked untill hot and gooey. 

Besides the Baked Mostaccioli---Lee must have a meatball in their sauce.

 As you can tell,  we like the food.  The new owner is trying to follow many of the traditions which were normal at the first Enricos.  It was a pleasure talking to him as he went around speaking to everyone dinning.  A special thank you for the Minestrone soup to take home. 
I don't want to say this is the only food ---no way.  Ever.y item is good we hear.  These are the items I knew well from the original Enricos.  We will be back at for another meal our next trip!  In the area stop by  Enrico's Italian Dining-2535 S. LaGrange Road, Frankfort, IL and tell them someone from CA told you to try.
Today the boys took a good bath getting ready for the big party tomorrow.  The tent is up and tables and chairs have arrived.  I made a quick trip to Cosco with my sister today to get soda and water.  The food is ordered and will be coming from two different places.  Lee and my sister are making salads (family favorites) this PM and evening.
You will need to read the next update to see more food.

Until next time we meet on our journey:

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