Monday, July 31, 2017

#44 WhiteHouseCA 3 Sirs RV trip Day 4

Monday, July 31

The fourth day on the road. The last day July.  
We pulled out of the RV Park at 8 am this morning but before going on I-80 we filled up with gas and allowed the boys another walk.

Our goal was to get past WY today.  We did it.  Lee's job was to find a location for the evening.  She out did herself.  She found Cabelas RV Park in Sidney, Nebraska.  Yes Cabela's World Headquarters are located inSidney, Nebraska.  Cabela's put a RV park next to their biggest store and Office Building.  It is a first come place.  No reservations.  You pull in and find an open spot.  Park, hook up and then go to the store and pay.  Only 27 dollars for full service.  Plus you get a "Good Sam" discount.  TV is good but the only problem is there is no "guide".  So you have 60 channels to go over to see what you want to watch.  For dinner, Lee and I went to the Cabela's store where they have a dinning room.  Impressive place but I wonder how the joining with Bass Stores will effect this place.

Some have asked how is the driving of thee RV.  I have placed here a 3 minute video of our drive in Nebraska.  Enjoy!

The weather overall has been good.  Warm or Hot 90-95 during the day.  Last night it was down to 60 degrees and was cold.  Lance and Richard slept in bed to stay warm.  Today we had a few drops of rain but it still was sunny.  Temp was from 70-85during our drive.  Traffic was not bad.  Lots of road construction.  Maybe 10 or 11 places where four lanes went to two lanes.  But we still moved at 60.

MORE tomorrow.


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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday, July 30

The RV is moving along great.  The new tires ride nice along with the alignment.  We left this morning at 8:11 .  Lee is doing great getting up and making breakfast.  The boys enjoyed a nice walk this morning because it was cool.
NO - I did not win anything at Winners.  The good news is I did not loose anything either.  Why you ask?  After dinner, Lee and I decided just to stay in the nice cool RV and not go and loose anything.

This morning at our first gas stop we did go to the Flying J's slots.   I lost my 10 dollars but Lee ended with being ahead $  4.I will do better on the way back

We ran into our first road construction today in Salt Lake. I slowed us up about 30 mins.  We are spending the night in Wyoming at the Phillips RV Park in Evanston, Wyoming.  It is a family owned since it was established as Phillips Camp and Sinclair Service in 1936.  Gas cost .19 cents then.   Today the park has 56 full hookup RV spaces.  The town was started to house grading crews for the Union Pacific Railroad.

We have had three good places so far.  We have never been to any of these and the prices has been good too.  Low  to mid 30's for full service.

Most of you really are more interested in the boys.
 Best of friends

Richard wondering why we waited so long to go on the road.  He is a RVer now.  Seems to love it and the other boys have told him how to act.

Henry eating breakfast by window

Boys resting after breakfast

Wonder what is so interesting outside?

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sat. July 29, 2017

Another day of travel is completed. Thanks for all of the views here.  Will try to update each day.

 We were unhooked and moving at 8:10 am this morning.    Leaving the "split pea soup" behind in Santa Nella and off to our next stop for the night in Winnemucca, NV.
But I am getting ahead of myself.  We left Santa Nella on the 5 heading north.   We went past Stockton and Sacramento (CA capital).  We then hit interstate 80 heading east.  Past Truckee where we normally love to stay but today on we go. 

Just south of Reno, the first bridge was constructed for the Lincoln Highway .  The bridge is gone but side ralls are on display.  We stopped for lunch and a doggy walk.

Then on we went to Winnemucca,
NV.  We are staying at New Frontier RV Park.  It is only 4 years old and is very nice. We took a "back in" spot.  It was so easy because the spots are large.   We are going to eat in the RV and then take a short walk over to the nearby Casino.  Its name is Winners.  Is that a sign?   Maybe I can get a new RV with a big win?

But during the day was always was time for a self picture-

Oh yes,   while I was driving (except for the picture) Some just rested

 It is hard work RVing.

Until we meet again on our journey......

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Friday, July 28, 2017


Can you believe---Sir Richard is over one year  old.  The time went by so fast.  Yes, he still likes jumping up on this table.

We have started our trip to Illinois today (Friday the 28th) We have a wedding to attend and family  visits.  Last week, Henry and Lance  (along with me) took Sir Richard on his first RV ride.  We went to Costco to fill up the RV.  He seemed to enjoy the ride.  He called the doggy window first as always.

We were moving at 5:30 am, yes Lee was up and ready too.   I am not sure if Richard understood that he had to get up early.  He did like to eat at 4 am instead of 7 am.  We packed the RV on Thursday and the boys watched.  Morning could not come soon enough for Henry.

By leaving early, traffic was not bad.  We went the 405 north (past LA) and joined the 5.  We stopped every two hours for a break since this was Richard's first trip.  We wanted him to understand that we would have bathroom breaks.  The other dogs went in and found their spots.  Henry went to the window and took a nap.  Lance went near the sofa and rested.  Richard looked around some and then went to Lee.
I don't think he rested for the five plus hours we drove today. When we pulled in to the RV park at Santa Nella, he was ready to sleep.
At this time,  all are resting after a normal evening meal.  Richard  is not  sure what will happen next.  After nearly a month on the road,  I think he will be glad to get home. 

Hopefully tomorrow night we will be writing from NV.

                                                     Until next time we meet on our journey:.