Monday, October 30, 2017


We are sorry for the delay in getting this blog edition out.  The Holidays and the Passing of Sir Henry seemed to take up so much time.  I also have been working on the FAMILY TREE.  Lots of news there.

I have been updating almost weekly the website so many of you know well:

That site has so much info that is not listed here.  I encourage you to visit it often.

Lee and I are planning on attending the 2018 American Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Club National Specialty Show.  It is April 16-20 in St. Charles, Illinois.  It is going to take place at the Pheasant Run Resort.  This will be our first National Cavalier Dog Show.  We hear that there will be many Cavalier items.  If you want info----Please click on the link below:


Those who have been on the website - know Sir Richard and Sir Lancelot are doing great.  You can see below that they are friends.  Yes, Lance is the boss.  Richard will not cross him but at time, Richard gives Lance a hard time.

                                  He is Richard favorite "guard" spot in the front court yard. 

Some also are wondering if the SIRS are still getting credit if you go to the AMAZON site from clicking on one of  the Amazon items?    YES,  they have been getting lots of movement from the to Amazon.  It does NOT add anything to your cost nor does it cause any problems if you are a PRIME member.  Any link from the SIRS sites to AMAZON gives them credit if you buy something.  IT can be anything you buy.   What do the SIRS get?   TREATS   The credit is used for toys or treats.  They say THANK YOU for supporting them.

I have updated the story of Maybe and Journey on the website (  They both are doing great.  He is a photo with Journey on the floor and Tucker (who turned 14 in Dec) on the bed.  Tucker is the father of all the SIRS (Sir Henry, Sir Winston and Sir Lancelot). 

Besides planning our trip to Illinois in April, we are going to Dana Point in March with our friends again.  That should be fun.  Looking to pick up some more solar items for charging our batteries.  The trip planning and review of items will take place in the next blog. 

I have begun my second month writing and suggesting items for the Family Motor Coaching Monthly Mag.  If you are a reader or member of FMCA and have suggestions---please let me know and I will pass YOUR ideas along to the correct department.  In the coming months the monthly mag. will be taking on an improved look.  If you own a RV and would like more info on the Family Motor Coach Association please click on this link:

Family Motor Coach Assoc

Have a GREAT WEEK!!!!


                                                           Until next time we meet on our journey

Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Yesterday,we are stopped by the towering 576 foot guard standing watch over Morro Bay Harbor.  Some call it the "Gibraltar of the Pacific".  Locally it is known as Morro Rock and is the last in a chain of long-extinct volcanoes known as " The Morros".   We are staying at Morro Dunes RV park.   We selected this because it is a convenient distance from San Simeon where we visited Hearst Castle.

We arrived at Hearst Castle a few minutes to 11 am.   Walked in and picked up our tickets and then on to the 45min. film on history behind the building of the Castle.   Then our tour began  I have included pictures

On Tuesday morning, the Sirs made a trip to Morro Bay. It was the first trip to the Pacific Ocean for Sir Richard.  The Sirs seem to enjoy the experience

On Tuesday, we went to Solvang to pick some Danish.  We also had lunch and will be spending the night.

On Wednesday, we will head for home and should be there before night.  We will be posting additional photos later this week.

                                                        Until next time we meet on our journey

Friday, August 11, 2017


It has been a few days since my last entry into "The Journal of Travel".  We have been in Illinois visiting family and friends.  We are using as our main base the house of my sister's daughter and son-in-law. 

Last week, we drove to southern Illinois to visit my cousin and wife.  They were having a 40th wedding anniversary party which was to be a surprise.   And it was.  Their daughter did a great job in planning and making it happen.
Cousin Jerry and wife Lessa with grandchildren

Family Photo

Was held in McLeansboro at the Big Red Barn

The following morning, Jerry took my sister (who also went to the party with Lee and I) to town to the County Court House and the old bank and library.
The Court House is located in the middle of the "square" of the town.  Stores are built on all four sides of the building.
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This building was built in 1938

Located on the square is the old bank which was started by the Cloud family.

Besides seeing the history again of the town I was born in,  we had a good "country" breakfast at Lessa and Jerry's house.

Lee and I did not just eat in southern Illinois-we took my sister to our favorite pizza location near where we lived in Frankfort/New Lenox
My sister Harlene seemed to enjoy the pizza with us.

All of the trips around town and around the state causes the boys to need a rest.  They really enjoy just "hanging out" in my sister's living room.

On Saturday,  we will attend Lee's  sister's daughter's wedding.  We plan on Tuesday  (Aug 15) to begin the journey home.  My sister is coming along in the RV and we plan on stopping places.  So the next writing will be from someplace from here to there.


                                                   Until next time we meet on our journey