Friday, July 8, 2016

#35  at home---Where did all this stuff come from?

5027 miles and we are back where we started. The WhitehouseCA RV and Sirs pulled into Coto about 1:20 AM (this morning). Everything is fine here. The roses need a trim and a few leaves picked up but thanks to Helen next door, out pool is great.   We only unloaded what we needed when we arrived.   Things like the sausage brought from southern Illinois (my cousin has connections and we got the last sausage made in the spring of 2016.  I really don't know how much but the freezer in the RV was full.  Yesterday while they were working on the RV in Tucson,  they were good and kept the RV plugged in so the prize items remained frozen.  Again thank you all in McLeansboro  and we will be thinking and talking about you when we eat it.  Lee is going to fix some sausage for dinner (super as they say in McLeansboro).

The final leg of our trip began at about 5:30 from the LazyDays Service Center in Tucson.  Thanks again Martha and the service techs. for getting us on the road as soon as you could.  The major problem was in the level jack system (which we don't use) .  One line broke as we were driving to AZ to have the slide out unit fixed.  (will be going back to see my friends in Tucson as soon as the motor arrives).  As they were replacing the hose for the jack system-they kept finding other hoses needing replacement.   I guess I will be writing to Thor (maker of the a future blog posting.  I have heard some leveling systems are problem.
Traffic was heavy getting out of town and it was hot.  We were running the generator so the main AC unit could run.  They boys enjoyed the cool air but gas mileage was down.  We had to stop twice for gas.  The second time was at a LOVES Truck Stop and we filled up the LP gas tank too.  Doing that took longer than it should-they could not find the key to open up the hose unit on their system and then the man who was to fill our tank had no idea how to do it.  So two others came out to help.  They only good point was that the LP Gas was cheap. Only 2.09 a gal.  At KOA in Tucson it was 3.19  a gal.  I had hoped to fill up at LazyDays but they were in a hurry to get us out and did not do that item.  I am sure I saved money by going to LOVES or to a Pilot/Flying J's to fill the LP tank.

It has been two years since we drove from Tucson to CA.  The roads are ruff and sometimes you were sure that the RV was going to fall apart. It is a long way, nearly 500 miles to our house.

While Lee was at the doctor's office---I went to Cosco.  Loaded up on things.  Then Lee and I went to Trader Joes.  The RV is empty of most items and put away.  The RV has gone back into storage.  The dogs have been resting all day after breakfast.  Lee says it is their best sleep in weeks.They never wanted to sleep during the day because they might miss something.
Lance does not wait to eat

Henry likes to wait and even have some from a spoon (yes I do it
Henry loves to wait until Lance is finished and then make him watch
It is about 3:30 here and Lee has gone to take a nap.  Henry and Lance also are napping.  I have started going over the month long pile of junk mail with a few items of importance.  I guess I will close by saying that I will give the total dollars of repairs when the slide is complete.  I know I will have nearly two hours of labor not covered by my Good Sam's extended policy.  Oh, yes---I nearly forgot to tell you about my blackberry plant I found at Cosco today.  It has no thorns and I hope will be as good as my cousin's blackberries I tried before leaving Sunday morning. Will be planting it tomorrow (it has berries on it)

 Until next time we meet on our journey


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