Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thurs, August 3

.As many of you know,  we did arrive at my sister's place on Wednesday evening.  Tuesday there was no posting because we have no wifi at the KOA site.  We did have a funny story in Iowa right before we left into Illinois.  We lost an hour going no where.  I will tell the story later with a video of it.

Lockport is the same as we left it - say 17 years ago?  Just kidding,  we were here less than a year ago.  Our parking spot was ready - electric etc.  More on this later.

I was asked if I took the video which was on the blog a few days ago.  I was driving.  I have a dash cam in the RV to record everything.  It does tape over items if I do not save it.  So I can keep my eyes on the road while getting something on the video either outside or inside. I do like it.    It really is neat.  Here is a video from a few days ago.  Sir Lancelot and Sir Richard was on Lee's  lap watching the country go by.
Everything for Richard is a first.  Lance has to be with Richard to make sure he is doing everything correct.  The house in Lockport is new for Richard so he is into everything.  While the other two, just fall right into living here.  They know where the water bowl is located etc.   


                                                   Until next time we meet on our journey:.

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