Friday, July 28, 2017


Can you believe---Sir Richard is over one year  old.  The time went by so fast.  Yes, he still likes jumping up on this table.

We have started our trip to Illinois today (Friday the 28th) We have a wedding to attend and family  visits.  Last week, Henry and Lance  (along with me) took Sir Richard on his first RV ride.  We went to Costco to fill up the RV.  He seemed to enjoy the ride.  He called the doggy window first as always.

We were moving at 5:30 am, yes Lee was up and ready too.   I am not sure if Richard understood that he had to get up early.  He did like to eat at 4 am instead of 7 am.  We packed the RV on Thursday and the boys watched.  Morning could not come soon enough for Henry.

By leaving early, traffic was not bad.  We went the 405 north (past LA) and joined the 5.  We stopped every two hours for a break since this was Richard's first trip.  We wanted him to understand that we would have bathroom breaks.  The other dogs went in and found their spots.  Henry went to the window and took a nap.  Lance went near the sofa and rested.  Richard looked around some and then went to Lee.
I don't think he rested for the five plus hours we drove today. When we pulled in to the RV park at Santa Nella, he was ready to sleep.
At this time,  all are resting after a normal evening meal.  Richard  is not  sure what will happen next.  After nearly a month on the road,  I think he will be glad to get home. 

Hopefully tomorrow night we will be writing from NV.

                                                     Until next time we meet on our journey:.

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